Rain Jackets

  1. Swiftwater Rain Jacket
  2. Ranger Anorak
  3. Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket
  4. Foul Weather Jacket
  5. Skagit Rain Jacket
  6. Women's Swiftwater Rain Jacket
  7. Skagit Waterfowl Jacket
  8. Waterfowl Wading Jacket

The Best Rain Jacket for You.

Finding the right rain jacket is all about knowing its intended use. We’d all like a waterproof jacket that’s lightweight and packable, and can also withstand punctures from thorns and brambles.

But it’s not that straightforward. Abrasion resistance adds weight, and insulated rain jackets are bulky. Increased breathability reduces waterproofness. In choosing a rain jacket, the best approach is to prioritize which performance factors are most important for its intended use.

Filson Tin Cloth waxed canvas jackets provide the durability and protection needed for heavy outdoor work like construction. Alternatively, a hiking rain jacket should be lightweight and breathable just like our Swiftwater Rain Jacket.

Good rainwear for hunters is purpose-built for where and what they’re hunting. Our Skagit Waterfowl Jacket is fleece-lined and the ideal camo rain jacket—short enough for wading while setting decoys and insulated for warmth in the blind. The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket is a waterproof layer for upland hunting in snow and rain, with pockets designed specifically for shells and a zip-close game bag on the back.

Our Ranger Anorak is a unique water-resistant pullover that forgoes a front zipper and is made with all-natural waxed cotton. This shell design traces its roots back to ancient Greenland. While hooded rain jackets are the norm, our Cover Cloth Woodland Jacket offers the ability to remove the hood for added versatility.

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