Fleece Jackets

  1. Fleece Lined Jac-Shirt
  2. Granite Spire Fleece Pullover
  3. Granite Spire Fleece Vest
  4. Lined Mackinaw Wool Work Vest

Rugged Fleece Coats for Men

When you need a layer to add warmth with minimal weight, shop Filson’s fleece jackets to find the ideal solution. All Filson products are purpose-built to fulfill specific functions, and our fleece layers are no different. 

Fleece jackets and other layers are extremely breathable and quick-drying–combined with their inherent lightness of weight, they make an ideal layer to tackle unpredictable weather on multi-day excursions. From the high-loft Sherpa Fleece Jacket to the Ridgeway fleece collection, there’s a Filson men’s fleece jacket or vest engineered for comfort in the dead of winter, chilly nights around the campfire, or running your dog on a frosty morning.

The Filson collection of fleece jackets for men includes full-zip jackets and vests as well as fleece-lined Jac Shirts to customize your comfort wherever your journey leads.

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