About Zype



Zype’s mission is to connect the world’s streaming video and viewers.

Who We Are

Zype, a Backlight business, is the infrastructure for digital video, providing an API-first SaaS that helps product teams solve mission critical streaming video challenges with a robust platform that includes monetization, CRM, business analytics, automation, and integrations with thousands of SaaS applications.

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Zype empowers Enterprises to drive revenue and engagement by providing the most connected and reliable cloud-based video content management and distribution infrastructure to stream video on the web, mobile, OTT & Connected TV, and social media.

Why We Do It

Video is the most engaging, engrossing, and enduring medium of our time. Zype simplifies the distribution of video, so more stories can be told to more people, in more places, than ever before.

Serving over 24
billion video API requests/month

Powering the video infrastructure of
300+ customers

1400+ applications and playout

100+ connectors
and technology

Core Values

Our core values provide the guidance to get us through the tough times, make sure we are prepared for the great times, and create a company culture that can grow and sustain on its own.

We rely on our core values – principles that guide us in our everyday decision making – to describe how we approach everything.


We are fearless and know we are doing something no one has done before, and we are not afraid to fail.


We enjoy striving for excellence and the process to get there.


We emphasize listening, communicating, and collaborating respectfully amongst ourselves and our customers over all else.

Hard Work

We work hard every day to help make the company better.


We use our talents and that of our team to achieve personal and company goals.

Executive Team


Ed Laczynski



Mark Dillon



Michael Kurtzman



Shikha Arora

Executive VP of Engineering


Chris Bassolino

EVP, Sales & Founder


Taylor Kirchwehm

VP of Customer Success

AJ -Gomez

AJ Gomez

SVP, Finance


Matt Moore

SVP of Product

Lauren Chadwick

SVP, Marketing


Mariana Naszewski

Director of People Operations



In July of 2020, Zype launched a new brand. We have grown quite a bit since our start in 2014, so we decided it was time to develop a new look and feel that best represents our mission: to connect the world’s streaming video and viewers.

Our new symbol is made of two open triangles that represent two abstract play buttons. These play buttons symbolize the two main value propositions of Zype in the video ecosystem: to connect and to distribute.

This video shows the development of our new brand and symbol in action:

See how Zype makes your video better.

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